Drzewiecki Design - Paine Field Finished! Seattle Airports X Completed!

Drzewiecki Design has released their new airport for their Seattle Airports X series. If you don't know what Paine Field is... well you obviously don't know about the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world. If you didn't take the cue from the screenshots above, IT'S BOEING! Yes, this is where they roll out many of their new aircraft, and Drzewiecki have replicated the meticulous factory at Paine Field. According to Drzewiecki, this new airport is one of their most advanced, sporting SODE Jetways, detailed interiors to buildings, and many static aircraft. They also state that this is "the most advanced optimization [they] have ever used," so you can rest assured that performance will be decent (Drzewiecki Design). 

This new update will be payware, and will add Sea-Tac airport as long as a completed passenger terminal, etc. It will cost you about $24-36 USD (20-30 euros), and the update price will be about $12 USD (10 euros).