PMDG - DC-6 Update Released... More Info on 747-8 for P3D v4!

PMDG have recently pushed out an update to the DC-6 Cloudmaster series for P3D v3/4, which fixes some issues that users were having... You can get this update from the Operations Center, and it will automatically download.


- 0006465: [Virtual Cockpit - Animation/Functionality/Click-Spots] FO side trim indicator doesn't move
- 0006474: [Systems Behavior/Functionality] CHT during TO is getting higher with colder OAT
- 0006519: [Documentation] Unlock PDF documents

The News You All Really Care About:

Enough about the DC-6 though, it's time to talk about something new. How new? Well how about the new 747-8i? RSR has announced that this new airplane will be chocked full of new features that will apparently "leave you wondering whether [PMDG] was reading your mind..." Sounds very promising then! The airplane is very close to entering the testing phase, at which point PMDG will be able to show screenshots, and share more details on the features in this new airplane! Stay tuned for more!!