FSLabs - The Concorde Needs YOUR Help for P3D v4!!

From the guys who made the original supersonic jet, the wonderful A320X Master Series, and the upcoming A319, we get an announcement. This is quite a big one, and they need YOUR help, so read on!

First off, they have announced that the A320X Service Pack 1 is almost ready. Following this, they will release the rest of the baby-bus fleet, which will allow me to do those famous BAW1 and BAW2 flights!! (Look them up if you don't know what I'm on about). But the other thing they announced is far more interesting..

FSLabs originally developed the Concorde back in 2008 and released it in 2010. This airplane was an amazing feat of software development, but it has yet to be converted to Prepar3D v4! However, the Flight Sim Labs team feels that it may be beneficial to convert the Concorde to Prepar3D version 4. If it was to happen, it would include the following features:

  • New Virtual Cockpit
  • New cockpit model built with the Prepar3D V4 SDK
  • New high-resolution textures
  • Complete 3D engineers station
  • Both British Airways and Air France variants
  • Full dynamic light integration with FSLSpotlights v2
  • Improved external texturing - using techniques developed for the A32X Series
  • All new high-resolution sound set using our new sound infrastructure developed for the A32X Series including cockpit, cabin and external sound sets, complete with sonic boom
  • New special effects - including our spectacular lighting effects in adverse weather conditions and fog
  • True Dynamic Lighting - a system developed for the A32X Series that varies the intensity of the light depending on environmental conditions and time of day (or night).
  • Cabin PA sound sets for both British Airways and Air France
  • Concorde Weather Radar integrated with Active Sky
  • Utilization of our Jet Engine Simulation program to simulate the Olympus 593's more accurately in every phase of flight – developed for the A32X Series

The Important Bit

Now, here's the important stuff. FSLabs wants to see how much interest exists for the Concorde in v4. This is where you come in. The pricing is around $100 USD, and FSLabs wants to know if you are interested in purchasing such a product.


Send an email to "wantconcorde@flightsimlabs.com"
Subject: “I will buy the Concorde on P3D v4!”
Add your full name and age, telling us that that you will support this effort.

Again, they need your support, so what are you waiting for? Send them an email!!!