We should hire the folks from RFSCENERYBUILDING to join the ADX team just so they can update news about their Italian releases. Because they are keeping us very busy!

I'll never forget my first flight from LIRF to LICR on the 738 sim. Overfly Naples, the Amalfi Coast and head south until you see mainland Italy on your left and Sicily on your right separated by a thin body of turquoise water. I remember thinking back then that this was my favorite scenery ever.... and this was back in that dinosour called FSX. I can't wait to try this out on P3DV4!  

If you own the previous version, EUR 5 gets you the following changes, if not, buy it for EUR 17

  • Added installer P3Dv4
  • Added dynamic lighting for P3Dv4
  • Reload model runway lights for all versions (increase brightness)
  • Reload the platform model for all versions P3D - added glare effect for the platform model
  • All the shadows from objects in the scenery - "on"