FSFX Packages - Chaseplane v0.4 Beta Released!

ChasePlane 0.4.png

The folks over at FSFX Packages have released version 0.4 of ChasePlane, currently in beta! The product aims to enhance the cinematic and viewing experience within FSX/P3D.  

Here is a changelog of their enhancements:

  • 2-4x CPU/GPU performance, including 30-40% quicker launch time
  • Hot Corners - The ability to execute certain viewing angles/actions without a hotkey
  • 1200 seconds replay, pressing play button will automatically take you 2 minutes prior to landing
  • "Binoculars" action allowing for increased zoomed (e.g. finding an airport)
  • Preset Recording
  • Offline Capabilities

To find out more details, please click here.