Flight Factor - Boeing 757 v2 Professional Extended Released

Flight factor has dropped their major update to the Boeing 757 v2 Professional. This version adds a number of visual and systems updates! It also adds the 757-300, and the 757-200F variants, which were not available in the previous version. This update is free for the 757-200, but if you want the -300 and -200F, you will have to pay the upgrade fee of $20. 

Note: In order to get this upgraded price, you MUST go to your original 757 v2 Professional invoice and get your discount code or email sales@x-plane.org. 

You can get the full Boeing 757 v2 Professional Extended if you have NOT previously purchased the 757, or the upgraded Boeing 757 v2 Professional Extended Upg (how long can they make these names?) with the promo code as mentioned above. Remember, the -200 is a free upgrade, but the -300 and -200F require you to purchase the Upgrade.