QualityWings - 787 Hotfix 2 Released for FSX!

QualityWings has released their Hotfix 2 for the 787 for FSX, bringing it to version 1.0.2. Although this may not be applicable to Prepar3D users, it is a stepping stone for their Service Pack 1, followed by their P3D v4 release!

There are two ways to update your 787 with the new hotfix:

Simple Update: You can either simply run the updater from below, by choosing the version of your simulator. If you have the 787 Immersion Package from FSFX, you have to reinstall that. All your liveries will remain intact.

FSX Hotfix Download

FSX: Steam Edition Hotfix Download

Complete Reinstall: Or you can completely reinstall it by re-downloading it from either the Flight1 page, or the QualityWings website. However, you must completely uninstall all liveries, PRIOR to uninstalling the 787.


  • Random CTDs while weather radar is operating
  • CTD when loading panelstate after loading saved flight
  • Problems maintaining altitude when using FSUIPC
  • A/T Speed mode is unable to hold airspeed at very high cruise altitudes
  • Mach number cannot be changed in certain scenarios
  • FLCH engagement selected speed logic
  • Autopilot initially turns into opposite direction upon localizer capture
  • ILS: frequency autotuning
  • ILS: Runway course gets tuned even if localizer not intercepted yet
  • ILS: unable to capture at high intercept angles
  • Pressurization: Cabin alt descends below airport elevation at high altitude airports
  • Fuel: center tank scavenge system
  • Fuel flow and fuel tank quantity not affected by KGS option
  • Arming spoilers using joystick axis
  • FSUIPC assigned flap axis is reversed
  • Inboard spoilers remain slightly extended after go around
  • PFD/ND: Text overlaps
  • PFD: 3rd airspeed digit cutoff in compact mode
  • ND: Unable to exit PICK WPT mode on FO ND MAP
  • ND: FIX/ETOPS range ring not showing when waypoint is out of map range
  • ND: ETOPS line style changed
  • ND: Button highlight boxes not showing on full ND mode
  • ND: Map scale incorrect in full plan mode
  • ND: Airport map not displayed correctly for highly complex airports
  • ND: Airport map display misaligned in crosswind
  • ND: wide FO side menu clickspot does not cover entry select box (only the diamond)
  • 2D DU popups cannot be closed by clicking the light sensor
  • CDU: VNAV CRZ Page LSK 6L typo
  • CDU: FIX page radial only option
  • CDU: FIX page maximum distance increased
  • CDU: setting cruise IAS manually does not affect airspeed
  • CDU: Mouse highlight not working on FIX page
  • CDU: Help message not matching selected weight unit
  • CDU: RTE page CO route cut off
  • TCP: frequency tuning
  • EFB: CTD when pressing PGDN button
  • EFB: Departure chart clip page only shows page 1/1
  • EFB: XFR button not working on 2D popup
  • FS Setting: incompatibility with "true airspeed" FS speed setting
  • FS Setting: incompatibility with "metric" FS altitude setting
  • QW Dispatcher: unable to find FSX Steam path
  • QW Dispatcher: changing units does not affect aircraft
  • QW Dispatcher: Bulk Cargo weight issues
  • QWCAS Sound improvements


  • Flight Controls using keyboard arrow keys
  • Autopilot disconnect and warning sound cancel using key command
  • EFB: invalid autobrake settings highlighted in yellow
  • EICAS: 'COMM' memo when new COMM message received