TOGA Projects - EnvShade has been released!!

From the guys that brought you the popular add-on EnvTex, here is EnvShade. As described by their website, EnvShade is a new shaders enhancement for Prepar3d. It will enhance the realism of your simulator with highly realistic shaders based on many environment variables such as weather, time of day, and alititude (TOGA Projects). EnvShade is built as an alternative to Prepar3D Tweak Assistant, for those who don't feel that comfortable with all the options provided by PTA!

Their video above shows off this product in detail, and if that wasn't enough, here are some pictures as well!

In order to use EnvShade, you must have their free user interface known as EnvDir installed. The simmarket installer will install this for you if you do not have it! If you have any problems, or any suggestions, TOGA Projects has stated that they are happy to receive your message, and will take action by releasing different presets.

Concerned about the integration with EnvTex? They state: "As for Envtex, it is not yet ready to be used with Envdir and will be shown as "Not activated". Don't worry, you can still use Envtex from its own user interface, we will release an updated version in the upcoming days to integrate it into Envdir." Also, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to have PTA shaders activated when you are using EnvShade, as it could cause major issues.

Here's the best part!! It's only $6.80 (5.60 Euros)! If you're still on the fence about it, TOGA has offered an automatic discount if you purchase it in the next 2 weeks before 11/15/2017! It is now only $5.83 (4.80 Euros)! Can't stop yourself from jumping up and down with excitement? Buy it from Simmarket now!