Prepar3D v4.1 Reminder (in 4 days)

Don't forget that Prepar3D v4.1 will be released in just a few days. Here's some quick highlights:

  • Extensive bug fixes (we'll get the change log posted ASAP)
  • Improvement for multi-core threading performance
  • Framework towards rain effects on cockpit windows

Some other things that might be coming in future releases as well, perhaps some "behind the scenes" components will be implemented in 4.1

  • DirectX 12
  • Wet/Dry runways
  • Sloped runways
  • ATC improvements
  • Airport database updates

Several developers have been been waiting for 4.1 to be released, presumed to then immediately release updates and new products as well. So I suspect we'll see an FSLabs A320 and PMDG JS41 "soon." (author speculation)