Twitch content creator series - Feedback/Opinions

ADX viewers -

Sorry, this isn't daily news. One area we've discussed among the ADX team to explore was having a bi-weekly (twice a month) spotlight on Twitch streamers in the Flight Simulation community. It could be in an AMA style format, an interview approach or just a quick write up with a link to their content. Before we go down the road, only to find out none of our viewers are interested, we'd like your feedback and opinions:

  • Would this interest you?
  • If so... who do you enjoy watching?
  • If so... preferred format of the presentation?

Again this is exploratory. But it makes no sense to work on developing something that none of you want or care about when you visit us.

Furthermore, if you have a suggestion regarding ways to reach out to content creators, please let us know as well. At this time we're not interested in developers. We're looking at our community members, whether they be a "desktop pilot" or a career aviator.

Thanks for your feedback!