iBlueYonder - Nantucket (KACK) updated for P3D v4!

iBlueYonder's famous Nantucket Island scenery has been update to Prepar3D v4! Now you can finally do something with those GA airplanes that you got for your new sim!

The updates are extensive, starting with the fact that iBlueYonder has moved over to SODE! If you don't know what SODE is, it's basically a magical tool that makes jetways and other animated objects much better. Other updates include: Dynamic Lighting, New Grass Textures, More Static Aircraft, and more.

If you already own Nantucket for FSX and P3D3, download version 1.02 by logging into http://iblueyonder.com/my-account/ and click on the link to your Nantucket purchase. The 1.02 installer will be available in your list of downloads. Your registration number will work for this version as well. If you purchased through another store, your version should be available to you where you bought the original very soon.
— iBlueYonder

So if you haven't already gotten it, what are you waiting for?

More information can be found on iBlueYonder's Facebook Page.