Public BETA - FlightFactor A320 Ultimate available early next week

XP11. The folks at FlightFactor have made a exciting announcement. They are offering a public beta for purchase starting sometime early next week. While this is great news for XP11 users, the release of the FSLABS A320 for v4 will most likely be the standard for comparisons! I am interested to see how this aircraft is in XP11 since I do love their 757/767. 

It is very interesting they are only offering it to people who have bought 3 or more FF products.


We are about to release the public beta of our A320 Ultimate. It should be available early next week.

A few important notes:

It is a public beta
People who buy the public beta should be aware it is a beta and expect some initial bugs, new versions, etc..
If you do not want to participate in the public beta, wait for the final version to be ready.

Who will be allowed to buy it?
 We have selected people who bought 3 or more Flight Factor planes as potential first buyers. You must be a WINDOWS user!
Customers in that list will be able to purchase it. Others won't (for now).

Sorry, we had to find a subjective way to decide this list of first buyers. We know that if someone bought 3 airliners from us already, he has some sort or 'airliner' knowledge.
We understand some of you may have the knowledge requiredand may not be on the initial list but there is no way for us to know at this time.
If everything goes well, the next batch will be open to all users or might even be THE release. The big problem here is: its a new platform and we just do not know.

Number of copies available
We will make a few hundred available at first, the wait a few days to see what the initial feedback it to make more copies available.

Public price will be $89.95. Public beta price will be $79.95

Since we do not want to inundate the forum with support and tech questions about the A320, we will create a 'private' forum here on for a320 tech support. Customers will be added to this forum (so a member account to the forum is required).

Tech support forum will be made public once the aircraft is no longer in beta.

Ticket support will be available when the beta is over and the plane is final

We are hopping that the beta goes well and the release will follow shortly for all Win, Mac and Lin (but again, no promises)