QualityWings releases the 787 Ultimate Collection Series

Available now via Flight1's store (link in the source)

Price is $69.95 USD and available for FSX only (at this time). As the last time this was mention, many of ya'll went wild in the comments, we look forward to continuing that conversation down below.

Looks like an incredible product!

787-8 & 787-9 series available now, 787-10 is coming

There are over 100 Custom animations on the exterior models including, but not limited to: 

  • Realistic Wing Flex
  • 787-9 HLFC System
  • Environmental Control System inlets & outlets
  • 787-specific "Autodrag" function
  • 787-specific Maneuver Load Alleviation
  • All Flight Controls
  • APU Inlet Door
  • Landing gear incl. Shock Strut Compression
  • Passenger & Cargo Doors with correct animation

65 liveries available right now with a repaint kit available

With the upcoming CTP Eastbound, I suspect we'll many of these making the journey. We look forward to hearing about everyone's opinions on the product once you get some time in the left (or right) seat.

As someone who has thoroughly enjoyed their BAe 146, I'm very excited for this release. For those of you have flown on Dreamliners in real life, be curious what ya'll think about the soundpack as well.