Your account may have been compromised!

Just posted by Nicolas about an hour ago on their forum. Link in the source.

Everyone should change your password asap

Some passwords have indeed been exposed via a hack and posted on a list.

  • Only a minority of accounts are concerned, yet everyone should change their password
  • Information exposed: Username and password only . No email address was exposed.

We are still investigating this issue. We'll update you when we know more

If the means time, please change your passwords.

In addition we received the following email from Mitchell Williamson at ProjectFly

From: Mitchell Williamson <>
Date: Thu, Oct 19, 2017, 6:30 PM
Subject: Your account may have been compromised! - projectFLY
To: Mitchell Williamson <>


Unfortunately, I am writing to you under less than ideal circumstances. The forums has had a data breach during the previous few hours. We have obtained a list of usernames effected, and have compared it against our users at projectFLY. 

I am writing to you as your username appears within the data breach. This breach contains approximately 17,000 username and password pairs.

At projectFLY, security is our highest priority. We take your security and the protection of your data seriously. Therefore, we have decided to notify all effected users we have contact with. We recommend you immediately change your password if you use your credentials elsewhere. 

A brief rundown of the events over the last few hours is as follows:

-A link to a text file, hosted on the X-Plane Forum URL was spread.

-This text file contained approximately 17,000 records, consisting of a username and password pairs.

-We believe this data was obtained during the login process of the X-Plane Forum.

-The text file was public for an unknown period of time, and multiple people have made copies of the entire set of data.

-Your projectFLY username was a username in this data breach.

We also recommend against the practice of password reuse (i.e using the same password on multiple websites), and there is a number of services that can help manage passwords.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, I'll list some resources below. I can also be contacted via this e-mail's from address.

X-Plane Forum Thread

Reddit r/flightsim Topic:

NOTE: This data breach does not impact projectFLY or its related services.

I hope that this notification helps keep you and your accounts secure.