Reality XP GTN 750/650 Touch for Flight Sim is now available!

I stumbled across this on AVSIM:

We're proud to offer you the same level of quality for the entire Prepar3d, Flight Simulator and X-Plane platforms!

Now compatible with the latest Garmin GTN Trainer v6.41 with Visual Approach Assistant, the products come with unique graphics technologies: HDPI 32bits RGBA bitmaps for unmatched visuals*, highly optimized code for near zero impact to the FPS, and in-sim live settings: no aircraft or sim reload!

Pushing the envelop higher, the Reality XP GTN 750/650 Touch for Flight Sim offers lags-free touchscreen experience, reactive CDI and Autopilot links, exports the active waypoints to any third party GPS/EFIS using the standard FS GPS has backend.

Both products also come super-charged with tons of customization options for panel integration, hardware interface and keyboard shortcuts. They also now offer custom variables to help integration with third party XML gauges with our GPS.

Our Flight Simulator version is compatible with the entire flight simulator family for a unique price: P3D 4, P3D 3, P3D 2, P3D 1, FSX-SE, FSX, FS9*

I've been using the Flight1 GTN 750/650 combo in my GA planes but I'll be curious to check this one out as well, looks like a great product.