QualityWings 787 Updates (P3D pricing and Hotfix)

QualityWings has released their first hotfix for 787 and it's critical that the "Day One" purchases run the update before 10/15/17 (which is in 3 days)!

A quick rundown of fixes

  • [Fixed] Removes Gauge Expiration
  • [Fixed] CTD on SYS COMM page
  • [Fixed] CTD when loading a saved Panelstate
  • [Fixed] Random Loss of Elevator Control
  • [Fixed] Overspeed Warning
  • [Fixed] Navdata Update using Navigraph
  • [Fixed] VC Texture Issues when using Reduced Memory Option on DX10
  • [Fixed] Flap Handle inop using Joystick Axis
  • [Fixed] ATIS Request
  • [Fixed] Wrong Alternate Airports on ND
  • [Fixed] Black Placard Shadow on 787-9 Phone in VC
  • [Fixed] MCP Flight Path Angle Decimal Digits
  • [Fixed] TCP WXR Page Call Mixup
  • [Fixed] Product Installer not automatically finding path to FSX: Steam Edition
  • [Added] LBS to KGS Option
  • [Added] Quick Start Manual

Regarding Prepar3D -

Customers who purchase the FSX version will receive 50% off the cost of the P3D version but this offer will expire 2 months after the release of the P3D version. After that time period, the FSX and P3D versions will be separate costs (69.95 USD each).

Keep that in mind, that window of time starts after the P3D version is released. Not from the release of the FSX version or your date of purchase.