Is Nemeth Still With Us?


FSX/P3D. Sorry there has not really been any reportable news I could see for the last 24 hours. I was staring at the logo header above and thinking what has happened to Nemeth Designs the dedicated brother team that was solely dedicated to helicopter simulation for FSX and P3D. The last helicopter they developed was the MBB/Kawasaki BK-117 B2. The next helicopter they were supposed to develop was meant to be the Bell429. ERS began development on that aircraft but then surprised us and released it for XPlane which I personally think was a stupid idea putting it before the FSX/P3D release. As of this moment I have no idea if they are still planning to release for FSX & P3D additionally, their Nemeth S76 still has not been released as yet with the last word on the project being 4 months ago.

As for Nemeth, no word from them since 2015 and I can not find their Facebook page anymore. Is Nemeth no longer with us? Is so, this is another sad loss of what was an amazing developer who put all their focus on helicopters. As of now, I do not know of any new helicopters coming to market aside from what was just mentioned. Alabeo hit one out of the park with the R66 then bounced. What the hell happened there?? Alabeo, let's go! Deliver us more choppers please!

Sigh, goodbye Nemeth.