Orbx: Project X Will Not Happen.

FSX/P3D. As noted at the end of 2016, there are many upcoming options for future FS platforms approaching and Orbx thus far is the one developer openly committed to taking them all on. Or at least it was. Under the monikers Project P, project A, Project X and so on, you all pretty much decoded what these projects stood for and "X" was indeed X-Plane. Last month Orbx showed us a screenshot from what was 98% complete KCGX Meigs Field which they contracted out to be ported over to XPL11. According to JV, the remaining 2 percent were portions of the animated "Flow" technology which had compatibility issues they believe they would have been able to solve. However, overall, according to John, this attempt with Meigs field was in fact "nothing more than an internal proof of concept."

According to John, Orbx is currently in a state where it is evaluating all possible options for integrating it's products in various platforms but that said, there was obviously something that really didn't sit well with Orbx and the XPlane platform as "Orbx officially will not be conducting any further development for any version of X-Plane for the foreseeable future, if at all." Maybe it just looked stupid having no snow in Chicago in winter... I honestly don't know.

This will no doubt come as a serious and direct blow to Xplane fans who I am sure were happy to see the likes of big player like Orbx finally taking the platform seriously. As you may recall, PMDG threw XPlane a bone last year by completing and then porting it's native FSX DC-6 to XPlane while leaving the actual FSX variant in limbo. Now with Orbx coming about and jumping to warp away from XPlane, it's now even more unlikely other major players in the FSX/P3D development community will consider the jump to XPlane themselves or at least, that is how I perceive it.

I for one still remain curious about what the XPL11 platform will deliver. As we know, it's running quite behind. Dovetail was running late as well but at the very least, they communicated that. See John Venema's full statement via the source link below.