Editors Note:

As of today JustSim products have returned to SimMarket. Now this has been a very interesting topic of discussion from many various viewpoints but I am now going to give my viewpoint on this which I have withheld from doing until now. 

This is a known fact: There are developers out there that have engaged in shady dealings and there's no doubt about that. From freeware works, to some of the biggest names in the industry, you'd be surprised of a lot of what has happened in the past and continues to happen in the present. Many of you who have been around long enough know exactly what I am referring to on these occasions and who has been involved. Usually the most common response is: "we hired a developer and they did this and we fired them" something like that. And believe it or not, this happens far more often than you'd think, you simply never hear about it.

Now I am going to address the accusations against Aerosoft: There were a lot of comments about "the big guy going after the little guy because they want the biggest market share" and comments like that are some of the most ignorant I have seen on this site and it quite frankly shocks me. There is such a thing called "matter of principal" and it exists for a reason. What many tend to forget is Aerosoft is a publisher like any other publisher that brings to market products from any developer who wants their products sold just like SimMarket and the rest.

Additionally, Aerosoft goes a step further and invests in new, big, and small developers more than any other publisher out there. They can simply help you sell your products or they can help you build them and get them to market which is an incredible resource. Many small time developers at some point realize they do not have the capital to complete a project or can not afford to purchase materials such as $2,000-$5,000 worth of photo imagery. At this point they have options. They can

  • A. Use any freely available materials so log as they meet the EULA (typically means no commercial release) but not the case in all scenarios.
  • B. Just grab the materials anyway and use them Illegally.
  • C. Reach out to a publisher like Aerosoft or Orbx who will take the risk and put up the capital for the developer to get what they need.

Now Aerosoft does represent many of these developers and they support them regardless if the developer is just one guy doing all the work like David Rosenfield, or a larger team like SimWings. Developers who can afford to go it alone may elect to just release directly to the customer or through a webshop like ImagineSim, 29Palms, FSDG, and FlightBeam to name a few. Big and small.

But where I can understand Aerosoft getting frustrated is where developers pick apart the products they have invested thousands in and see other developers BIG & SMALL stealing this work for their own benefit and as I said, this happens A LOT! You do not hear about it because these matters are almost always handled behind closed doors and that's decent of Aerosoft that has information that could put MANY developers on blast but they have not done so.

Lately, however, they seem to be getting very aggravated with this nonsense and have become more open about it. Because remember, it's not just them who loose, it's the developers you love and support who loose as well. Again, big and small but is can be easy to forget that seeing the big Aerosoft brand on the box.

It's even worse when it's a big level developer with plenty of capital who commits theft. This is not about the big guy going after the little guy. It's about putting a stop to the bullshit that has been trending in this community for years and it needs to stop.

As for the issue with JustSim. I maintain, when this developer started out, nobody promoted them more than ADX. Whether it was articles, written reviews or livestreams, I have heavily supported them the way I support all new developers in this community looking to get their start and need exposure and JustSim took advantage of it in a negative way. But that's water under the bridge. I still continued reporting on them even after the fact. 

Now in regards to this situation of their products being pulled off store shelves. This information was brought to my attention from several readers and I reached out to the developer for comment which he refused to do. From this point, I notified the community that the products were pulled from store shelves.

There was clearly an issue that needed to be resolved and it appears that it has which is a good thing for the paying customers. I will not go into any further allegations other than to state that given the facts provided to me up to this point, and the fact that the lead developer has refused to offer any response (I hope at least he makes an open statement to his customers) AirDailyX from this point forward will no longer report on any information regarding JustSim products going forward. It pains me to have to take this position but as the saying goes: Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. This represents not one but now 2 occasions where developers have come to me alleging that JustSim has taken and republished their materials and I in good faith can not continue to support a developer not only engaging in this behavior but also unwilling to have an open dialogue with me in regards to it which puts me in a difficult position as someone who reports on their work. If JustSim openly addresses the issues of the past 48 hours, I'll update you. Otherwise, I hope you, the reader, will understand my decision in this matter. Other news sites may disregard these issues entirely and continue reporting on this developer and if that's the case I differ you to them.

There is a lot of talent in this community and more new talent is always coming in and I welcome them all. But as a reminder, as a developer, if you ever find that there is a brick wall coming between you and your goal, there are options and resources out there and people who are willing to help you reach your goals. All you have to do is reach out.

I sincerely hope this is the last time I have to address something like this. Okay, full speed ahead. I have some very exciting news coming up in the coming days especially stuff you have been waiting to get updates on. Back to the grind.