KSLC Is Almost Here, Ready Your LG & CC!

FSX/P3D. That's landing gear and credit card for the late person. Alright, hope you enjoyed the day yesterday but it's time to get back down to the business of flight simulation so let's get cracking with the news. Yes I know this is one of those products that missed the holiday release bash last month but in all fairness, I did warn y'all to have cash reserves for the new year! Or did I? Anyhoo, a lot will be released in the coming weeks and PacSim KSLC is one on those closest. Here's Graham's latest words:

"Folks, KSLC will be entering beta this week so here are final pics showing the entire project. There are pics showing ground-work(markings and textures), night lighting, vegetation and volumetric grass, city and suburb buildings, season textures, SODE jetways (T and full animation types), airside ground equipment (tugs, trucks containers, etc), pax side car parking, concourse interior, towers and hangars, Utah-ANG and GA areas, night lighting (taxiways and runways), sharp pixeled mountain ranges/scenic approaches, water-works, etc, etc, etc.... "

The work is looking very good and ADX will be front and center as always when release arrives!