RDS UUML Severka Airfield Released.

FSX/P3D. The last time I have seen a non Orbx airfield look this damn good, it was LHSimulations Pécs-Pogány freeware scenery which to this day I highly regard at one of the top 5 best freeware sceneries of all time. LHSim has been moving a bit slow these days which is a bit sad otherwise along with FlyTampa and FlightBeam would make up the top 3 mega airport developers in FS... Anyway I am off topic. Covering RDS has really been something of an issue for me in the past and I did for a time impose a moratorium on news posts regarding this dev due to some highly controversial allegations on behalf of a very major publisher.

At this point I can only hope that this dev will fly straight and level because they are extremely talented and the FS community needs good talent like this. So I have decided to lift the moratorium on RDS. Now that they have a payware product on the market, they are now officially on the other side of the fence and if what goes around comes around then they will know first hand the challenges of being a payware developer.

I know I am speaking cryptically here but I do so in hopes that all in the know will understand my decision here. From the heart, I serve the development community as the consumer community and when I see talent this good, I can not but help but share with the masses. So this is a whole new year with a whole new slate. Let's let bygones be bygones if we can and look to a clean prosperous future. You can get RDS UMML via the source link below for about $25 bucks.