San Diego: The Next Big Surprise From Orbx! And...


FSX/P3D...another new team member to boot! Introducing Orbx newcomer Matteo Veneziani from Mantua Italy and of all the airports in Italy he could be developing (what is not being developed in Italy these days?) he has choosen to move in on my home turf: Southern California also known as FTX SCA. Just when I think Orbx has had it's fill of California, they pull another Cali treat out of their hat. So before you head over to Orbx and get acquanted with Matteo, let's quickly overview what he is delivering shall we?

Well as stated, it is indeed KSAN, but it is also covering a rather large coverage area which also includes the city itself with custom autogen and buildings as you can see in the many screenshots posted. Oh did I also note the scenery is in beta? 2017, you are shaping up to be a good year! Thanks to ZK for the tipoff! And Matteo, welcome!

Additional Note: KSAN is developed for both FTX Global/openLC NA & SoCal which you can select via the product control panel.