ADX Sunday Exclusive: JetStream Milano Linate!

FSX/P3D. From Paris to Milan, we return with another set of ADX Exclusives from another beautiful European city. When we think about the trend setters in scenery development, which names are most common that come to mind? FlyTampa and FlightBeam many would argue are the top among others but I really think there is another name we really should be adding to that list and that is JetStream Designs. When you look at the Palermo scenery and now the screenshots above, I think it's really obvious JetStream truly represents some of the best the development community really has to offer and if you are not taking them seriously enough, it's really about time you start because the efforts are simply spectacular.

It's attention to detail like this that really make me proud to be a part of this community and if I haven't said it yet, release is imminent! This has been a killer busy work week for me but I am gearing up for the next livestreams so stand by folks and enjoy the day!