ADX Exclusive: Taxi2Gate Charles de Gaulle!

FSX/P3D. I remember my very first trip to Paris now well over a decade ago, I remember it vividly arriving in what appeared to be a giant brown space ship. I exited my lively BMI A319 and entered what I soon discovered (after a train ride, subway ride, and check-in at my B&B in the 15th) was to be the most beautiful city I had ever seen and to this day, it remains so. I walked from the 15th all the way to the Eiffel Tower keeping my eyes on it as it loomed over the buildings. I didn't take the elevator like the lazy people do. I took the stairs all the way to the top and took pride in that knowing it was something Hitler refused to do. Each time I visit, I still take the stairs.

From the top I spotted the Arc de Triomphe and thought to myself, "yeah I can walk there" so down the Champs-Élysées I went. Climbed a very long and narrow staircase and once at the top, was greeted with the most beautiful scene I had ever seen. With Le Defense in one direction and Notre Dame in the other, I selected Notre Dame and continued my walk. Needless to say, I was in my 20's then so I could literally walk forever. And I did! But the moment I got home, I set out to get myself a CDG scenery and thankfully, SimWings delivered! But that was a long time ago and we have been needing an updated version of this airport and Taxi2Gate has been using all of 2016 to deliver it!

I can officially say that CDG is now in imminent stage with release espected as soon as this weekend and today is already Friday! This is of course barring no issues between now and then. So sit tight folks, we are almost there!