TFDi Update Released!

FSX/P3D. That is if I am reading the forum correctly. I see version dated 11 January 2017. Here's the list of various fixes and improvements and thanks to Gillis for the tipoff!  
[ADDED] Database version indication to MCDU
[FIXED] Crash when selecting certain SIDs/STARs/ILSs
[FIXED] Autothrottle fighting pilot deceleration
[FIXED] Incorrect VAPP/VREF speeds
[FIXED] Acceleration and climb thrust altitude resetting during climb
[FIXED] Crash when reselecting a STAR (or SID) after beginning to fly it
[FIXED] Range not setting to 10NM when TCAS mode was selected on the ND
[FIXED] TCAS mode inner range ring displaying incorrectly
[FIXED] Takeoff trim being improperly calculated
[FIXED] One scenario that could cause strange magenta line drawing
[FIXED] One scenario that could cause out of range speed predictions in the MCDU