Group Flight: DO228 vs DHC-6 @ Lukla. Details:

[Events] Just a note that the group flight will be held this upcoming Saturday the 10th of September on Digital Themepark. I will be streaming the event live and anyone else who wishes to stream the event from their perspective will have their channels hosted here on ADX as well. As a reminder, only 2 aircraft types will be accepted into this group flight which are the Aerosoft DHC-6 Twin Otter and Carenado Dornier DO228. Show up with anything else and you'll be sent packing. I'll see all of you out on the ramp at Kathmandu @ 1700z on Saturday. Choose your weapon and bring your A game. For details on how to join the group flight, click the source link below. Note: You must be running the latest version of P3Dv3.3 in order to take part. 

Saturday September 10th @ 1700z!