Godzone Dunedin Up For Presale...

FSX/P3D. Although this is still a few months away, existing subscribers can show their support for Godzone and future local development by pre-purchasing Real NZ Dunedin for half price. Note that this is available for subscribers only, so anyone else will be re-directed to the usual bypass page if they click on the link in the Store.

The purpose of the pre-pay is simply to give me a liveable income between now and the release date.  Provided the Real NZ Dunedin release goes as planned, I then hope to complete some subscription areas, which will be included in the existing subscription, and also released as further Real NZ products next year. These include:

Real NZ Wellington, which will include NZWN;
Real NZ Napier/Hastings.
These will be made available to existing subscribers at no extra charge. Visit the Store link above for details. Note that the Store product is visible to subscribers only. Thanks to ADX reader David Hilker for the tipoff!