The Turbulent Developers Corner Is Online!

FSX/P3D. I remember back in the day when developers would actually take us through the development processes from the beginning all the way to completion. I have always found the development processes interesting and insightful especially when devs give us their unique insight into these processes. We see a lot less of this these days much of which can be attributed to black sheep having negative things to say during these early stages.

As a result, we have been seeing a lot of announcements just weeks before release which we all love, but it's also nice to be able to learn more about these processes, learn from the developers, and understand their vision. This is one thing I have been trying to accomplish with ADX but it's also nice to see devs reaching out and interacting directly with the community as well. Today, Russ Linn of Turbulent Designs has published his first in-depth blog post in regards to KIDA's development and it's quite an exciting read. Pop on over and take a gander.