Prepar3D v3.4 Released!

P3D. As history has always shown us, v#.4 is typically the final update before the next major platform upgrade which in this case would be P3Dv4. In the mean time, the best platform currently serving flight simulation has taken yet another leap forward with so many updates and fixes, it's far too much to list here. But how warm is it to know that there is an entire team behind making this platform ever better and immerse. Here is a quick list of what is new. Thanks to several readers for the tipoff today. I look forward to my GTX 1080 and Oculus Rift coming next month!  

General Platform Updates & Features:

  • Oculus Rift runtime 1.7 support
  • HTC Vive support
  • Navigation Visuals UI showing facility, airspace, user, and AI overlays in the 3D world
  • Scaleform gauges now support multitouch
  • Avatar now supports weapons and designators including the ability to fire and aim guns
  • Scaleform overlays can now be assigned to cameras
  • Added Cinematographer control mode enabling high fidelity camera control
  • Added new control events to rotate cameras without snapping back to original orientation when released and to linearly zoom cameras
  • Control input method can now be switched between Raw Input and Direct Input

Rendering and Performance Updates:

  • Screenshots can now be saved out in multiple formats including: bmp, png, jpeg, and tiff
  • Added built-in network video streaming
  • Support for alpha blending for custom zbias layering

Multiplayer Updates:

  • Avatar can now attach to scenario entities in multiplayer structured scenarios
  • Avatars can be damaged by weapons in multiplayer

SDK and SimConnect Updates:

  • Exposed world space based ray tracing through the PDK
  • Screenshots can be captured through SimConnect
  • Added new Event Service to the PDK enabling generic callbacks to be registered to chain events
  • Added new Custom Object Rendering Service to PDK
  • Added PDK sample showing custom light rendering capability
  • Added base multiplayer and SimOperator sample scenario
  • Visibility scripts can now be executed on non-sim objects
  • Network video streaming of views through SimConnect
  • Lua scripting now supported in Modeldef.xml