So What's The Verdict On This Flick?

Apologies for the lack of news last few days. Sometimes I need a break from ADX and FS and if I break away from both for long enough, the withdrawals kick in and keep me running back to my drug. Had some time to head to the movies yesterday to check out Tom Hanks latest role of Captain Chesley Sullenberger and without a doubt, l think, as he always does in his roles, nailed it. But the bigger question is, how well and/or realistic did the film depict the event and scenarios surrounding it?

Well without going into any spoilers considering the film has only been out a few days (at least here in the states) what I will say is, there are scenes in this film that downright gave me goosebumps. Clint Eastwood really went the extra mile to put the film-goer onto that flight deck as a witness to the events on that fateful day. It's highly realistic in it's depiction but even more interesting is a bit of Sullenberger's history as an aviator. The only doubts I had about the film was the depiction of the NTSB's roll in the followup events which came off to me as more of a court-martial rather than an investigative inquiry panel. 

Aside from that, I know many of you as well as I did, will be looking for what the film gets wrong and honestly, the only things I noticed as highly inaccurate on my first viewing was the New York itself given the fact that the event takes place right after the recession had begun which was well before the current real estate boom currently taking place in the city. Many of the buildings seen in the film such as the worlds tallest "trash can" (also the tallest building in NYC by floor height) known as 432 Park Ave. The building actually takes it's design from a designer trashcan believe it or not. Thus NY in this film is not the NY of January 2009. But despite that, that moment of silence as our hero's look out at the skyline of NYC from the cockpit of an A320 sinking in the waters on the freezing Hudson is enough to make the hairs on anyone's back stand up. Note, this is not a wait till Netflix film and if you have IMAX or Cinema XD near you, it's very much worth the extra price. Especially when it comes to the sound. 

I give the film a full 2 thumbs and 2 toes up. It's a thrill of a roller coaster ride all of you should board. My $00.02 on this.

Note: Comments may include spoilers. You have been warned.