Orbx Freeware Nanimo Update Released.

FSX/P3D. Here's a list of changes: 

  • The Seair terminal and docks which services Area B - refer to user guide about Area A and B
  • A static Kenmore Air DHC3 at the Seair dock
  • A revised Harbour Air DHC3 Area A
  • The large Departure Bay ferry terminal. (If the PNW AI ferries are installed, the ferry Queen of Nanaimo will dock at one of the berths and a static model of the Spirit of British Columbia will be located at another berth. Note: the PNW ferries are 'community scenery' and are not supported by Orbx.)
  • Many detailed buildings along the nearby waterfront as well as the docks and boat haul-out including a Travelift.
  • A new AI sailboat that operates in the narrow channel Area B, adding another real life challenge to pilots.
  • A high resolution static fuel barge and tug plus the dock at which the barge is moored.
  • A Nanaimo Bar Easter egg hidden in plain sight, so far undiscovered.  
  • A solution to the 'hardening causes aircraft crash' problem