Bill Womack's KACK! He's Back!


FSX/P3D. And better than ever! As many of you who subscribe to Bill Womack's iBlueYonder already know, he released The Herons Nest earlier this year (I still can't land on it) and he has also been working on Portland's Pearson Field and Nantucket respectively. The latter of which has just gotten a heap of new screenshots and it looks absolutely marvellous! I am a huge fan of Bill's work and if you were at FlightSimCon, most likely you got a chance to meet & shake his hand! Great guy. With Orbx now putting some focus on the the Eastern Seaboard, Nantucket is an absolute must have destination. 

Aside from this, the aforementioned former project will be fully compatible with and designed to blend with the upcoming KPDX currently in development from the developer who's name shall remain anonymous. And don't bother asking Bill cause he won't tell you whose behind it either. In the mean time, just drool at these KACK shots... That's it, drool folks... get a nice even spread of mucous all over that keyboard... yeah... Thanks to ADX resident airline pilot Rafael from Brasil for the tipoff!