Ant's Airplanes Winjeel Released!

FSX/P3D. Ant's Airplanes has returned with an all new toy for us and admittedly, I have have never heard of this aircraft before. I had been quietly hoping they would deliver another general aviation aircraft like the Tecnam Eglet but given that they have delivered something unknown to me I am quite intrigued. The Winjeel as it turns out is a two-three seat, low wing, fixed undercarriage tail dragger. Construction is all metal with fabric covered control surfaces. Power is provided by a 450hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junior seven cylinder radial engine driving a two bladed Hamilton Standard variable pitch propeller.

The Winjeel was the Royal Australian Air Force's primary piston trainer from 1955 to 1975. The Winjeel replaced the Tiger Moth and Wackett aircraft and was itself replaced by the NZAI CT-4 Airtrainer. Yep, i'll take one! You getting one too? Be sure to check out the free demo! More information via the source link. Thanks to Amos Geva for the tipoff!