KA350i Status? Let's Check Back In With MilViz.

FSX/P3D. The guys over at MilViz has indeed been a bit quiet on the 350i's progress and lest anyone forget, release is expected for Q4 this year. Now according to Colin Pearson... wait no that's not right. Hang on. Ah according to Collin Biedenkapp, there are seven team members working on the project- wait! Collin Biedenkapp??

Isn't that the masterful lad behind the TFDi 717? Why yes it is! And that comes as some warm news! Many of you may recall from the old ADX blog in a news post that MilViz would be assisting the  TFDi team with the 717 and indeed the TFDi team is assisting with the KA350i! According to Collin, The PFD is mostly complete, the MFD is still making progress including the electronic checklist system, and the FMS "fairly far along" where he states they are still working on SID/STARs. He also goes on to state that the onboard systems have been completely overhauled including redevelopment of the visual improvements to both interior and exterior modeling. There are many screenshots to gawk at check out the full status report via the source link. Thanks to ADX reader Jason Powell & Amos Geva for the tipoff!