Turbulent Designs Announces Real Flora!

FSX/P3D. Hmmm This smells like Russ White... and the smell is good!! Wait... uhh... uhh...HAA CHOO!!! Dammit! Russ White is back with vegetation again which means every time I fly into a Turbulent Designs scenery now I am gonna need my Claritin! Because even though all that pollen is in the scenery, it still get through the damn screen and makes me sneeze. Or maybe it just looks so real my brain gets confused. I don't know but it happens all the time that's all I know. 

Anyhoo, Real Flora is a collection of both 2D and 3D high definition vegetation built from the ground up to bring every Turbulent airport to life. With both realism and performance in mind, Real Flora will raise the bar in airport scenery and make my eyes water, nose runny, throat itchy, screw this. Damn it looks good! Much more via the source link below!