Flight1 GNS 430 & 530 Integration Incoming!

FSX/P3D. I am no doubt sure all of you are quite pleased with with the Fight1 GTN series of addon avionics units.

It appears the team over at Flight1 are looking to the next step which is the GNS series which I would have thought would come before the GTN but nonetheless, is a very welcome sight. 

Flight 1 says the GNS Avionics Series will be a step above other avionics packages out there, in that it doesn't use FSX/P3D internal processes to hinder simulation performance.

All avionics data structures, calculations, and processes are done on its own using external processes that are separate from FSX. This allows your simulation experience to run smoother and have minimal frame rate or VAS impact overall.

Each GNS series gauge features a high-contrast color display that makes it easy to read and interpret pilot-critical information. Quickly and easily see your position realtive to ground features, navaids, flight plan routings, approach procedures and more.

Up to two GNS 430 and two GNS 530 gauges can be installed and configured in each aircraft using the easy to use GNS Series Gauge Configuration utility. 

More information via the source link Thanks to ADX reader Jonathan Bleeker for the tipoff! No word on release yet but we will be keeping a close eye on it.