Orbx Dubrovnik Released!

FSX/P3D. From Orbx veteran Picasso artist Misha Cajic (I only use the term Picasso as that is my favorite artist of all time and thus my most respected but perhaps he may prefer to be called Mozart instead) and newcoming Orbx developer Rasha Tucakov (previously of SkyHighSim) has just released their first collaboration: Dubrovnik! Both developers with roots in the Balkans, have decided on what I personally believe to be the most beautiful destination in the region complete with it's highly immersive and elevated approach. The latest destination is now available for your landing gear! Enjoy and livestream soon! 

I wonder what Orbx release will be next? Hopefully Orbx Direct! Now THAT's a dish we are all waiting for! 

The livestream postponed. I'll update start time shortly.