MilViz: Not Hanging Up The Hat Just Yet...

FSX/P3D. Per our posting regarding the upcoming Lear60 XR from the development team we are not disclosing just yet, MilViz Creative Director Colin Pearson stated the following:

"Sad to say but the Lear60XR is now cancelled. We will be moving on the KA and the Avanti and possibly a challenger or two... we will see. Thanks for your attention". Now indeed, that may be a quick decision. For one, very little information has been disclosed about the unnamed Lear 60XR project as yet given this is only the initial announcement. As for why the dev team is not releasing their name just yet, well put it this way: I have been asked to hold off on naming dev teams when previewing many projects over the years including for MilViz.

Just go back and check the earliest previews I posted on the MV F-100 Super Sabre. I stated "developer unknown" then later on when the time was right, MilViz revealed themselves as developer of the project. Another recent example is the recently released Moscow City scenery from Drzewiecki Design. I got a lot of emails from people asking who the developer was when the exclusives were posted and in due time, Drzewiecki announced themselves as the developer. And all of you are quite happy with that product from what I hear. 

There are many reasons why devs to this, none of which I am going to state. But nevertheless, with the few information posed thus far on the Lear60 XR, it does indeed deem prudent for MilViz to hold off until there is a clearer picture which Colin has established in a follow-up: "We're going to call this a hold until we know more." 

As for MV considering developing a Challenger, or two I would like to remind all that, that is exactly what Eaglresoft is doing right now. Developing a couple of Challengers. Now in terms of the Lear60 XR's systems from the unannounced developer. As you know it will be equipped with a well modelled Proline 21 which as you all know takes more than a Coke and a Smile to develop. MilViz themselves have been developing one for a few years now as well as Eaglesoft. For some reason, it's a super complex system for FS to handle. As for how in-depth the systems will be between MilViz and Eaglesoft respectively is all yet to be seen.

Carenado has delivered some sort of PL21 and that's all I am going to say about that. But for the Lear60 XR due some time in Q1 2017, this will be a medium systems representation.

So the question is: what does that mean? Well what medium means to me would be akin to the Aerosoft Airbus series of aircraft or the upcoming TFDi 717 with Majestic & FlightSimLabs on the super simulated end and the QualityWings 757 & Avroliner on the lighter end. Again, as more info comes, ADX will be front and center for you and hopefully this clears things up a bit. -D'