Xtreme Prototypes GLJ Model 25 v2.0 Released!

FSX/P3D. Released and I can't find a decent full resolution screenshot anywhere on their website. This is 2016 is it not? The age where everything from toenail paint to groceries can be bought online? Why is this not showcased better than it is? Especially for the $40 buck price tag. There is a freely downloadable manual but you have to register with the site in order to get it which many of us won't do. Nevertheless, you will need to either way if you wish to purchase it now as the purchase link is active and is not available in other stores at this time. Quality & systems wise, would you compare this to FlySimWare? For the full list of features and to purchase, visit the source link. Thanks to ADX reader Mitch Haughee for the tipoff!