FSL EDP Releases Thursday. The Breakdown:

FSX. First off, what is the Early Adopters Package and who qualifies? The Early Adopters Package according to FlightSimLabs is the first release candidate RTM Version 1.0 of the A320-X for FSX that will be released on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Lefteris goes on to state that the process will accept an initial group of customers as "Early Adopters",  and will close for a short period of time, to ensure installation processes are working as intended and to allow support staff to handle individual assist cases in a timely fashion. Everything you need to know is via the source link below and thanks for the 30, yes 30 emails for the tip this morning!

Lefteris also goes on to shed light on the following: 

  • FSX Service Pack 2, Acceleration Pack or Steam?
  • DirectX9 or DirectX10?
  • Full Screen or Windowed mode?
  • Does the A320-X include full 2D panel functionality? What about a complete Virtual Cockpit?
  •  Can we use FSUIPC?
  • What about add-on Weather?
  • I own GSX / AES / other ground handling products - does the A320-X work with those?
  • I am a Virtual Airline pilot - can I use the A320-X to fly?
  • Can I use PFPX or other such products to feed flight plans to the A320-X Flight Management computer?
  • What about AIRAC cycle database providers? What is supported?
  • Are there any significant A320 features missing from the product?
  • What about the P3D version? When is that going to be available?
  • How much will all this cost?