ADX Norway Mega Livestream Details!

[Events] Alright folks it's settled! The Norway Mega Livestream starts Saturday August 13th @ 1700z! We will be taking a detailed look at all Norway has to offer in 2016 which includes: Aerosoft Værøy X, Alta X, Svolvaer X, & Svalvbard Longyear as well as brief looks at Oslo, Bergen, & Torp. Orbx airports include Notodden, Sandane, Jan Maynesfield, and of course, NARVIK!!!

We will also follow up with a nice group flight landing competition in the Digital Themepark P3D server at Narvik and judge who greases it best and who flops the worst. Everyone who is interested is welcome. So make sure you have your copy of Narvik and join us live. Again it all starts in just a few hours from now! Watch & chat live via twitch or here on this page. For group flight info and  to get onto the server and teamspeak, [CLICK HERE] See you there! 

Saturday August 13th @ 1700z!