Sim720 Ikarus C42 Released.

FSX/P3D. Honestly, it has been so long since we have last seen an update from Sim720, I was beginning to think they had ceased development. Aside from Augusta, the last few scenery releases were quite underwhelming leaving quite a bit to be desired. The team has just returned to the forefront with their first aircraft and aside from the preview video which shows more footage from what appears to be a home cockpit simulator rather than the actual addon itself, I haven't been able to find any actual screenshots of it. Thus I'll assume they are still updating the product page but I suggest holding off till the screenshots arrive. More info via the source link! Thanks to Ross Gage for the tipoff during the livestream.

Source link now has screenshots. Looks fairly decent although not sure this is an appropriate price visual quality wise and no pilot visible in external cockpit view.