Aerosoft A330. Quote Repost:

FSX/P3D. From Mathijs Kok this morning:

"A wise man has once said that you need to use anything you do as marketing so here it goes. I have just send the very first pre-alpha version to a select group of external testers. These are friends who have been our guinea pigs for many many years (do not ask to be in the beta, there is none) and who can start to tear the the thing apart now.  

For example the APU implementation is now done. Compared to A320 e.g. APU start up is vastly improved: Timing, non linear RPM increase at startup, temps relative to current RPM, max temp limits changing during start up, EGT indication (before APU start) is no longer fix at 10°C but relative to outside temp, APU START button no longer a push button switch but a push button now (not remaining pushed in after being pressed), etc.  

This is typical for this product, we still only do Standard Procedure but now they will be done better and all the small imperfections (that honestly not a lot of people noticed) removed. If I find time I'll do a small vid of the APU startup tomorrow. And it all looks pretty good as well I think. In fact I think that Stefan is still the best modeler for aircraft around. Do click on the full size option to see it in full glory."

"...I am NOT pushing this release until my CEO puts me on the rack."

-Mathijs Kok