tobii eyeX Now Compatible With P3Dv3!

FSX/P3D. Many of you may recall my introduction to a new 3D tracking hardware called EyeX by Tobii. I have had one of these motion tracking cameras sealed in box for several months unopened due to the fact that I have long sense sworn off FSX and P3D was not yet supported. Now that it is, the review and unboxing should be coming up rather quickly. So for those who missed it: What is EyeX?

Tobii Eye Tracking is an infinite screen extension that lets you effortlessly gaze around the virtual cockpit and the exterior within P3D enabling you to quickly find your bearing and freeing up the mouse to interact with the cockpit. Similar to Track IR except you do not have to physically wear anything on your head. Sound odd? Well I am super anxious to try this out for myself. I know there are other reviews out there and I have seen none of them. I want my first impression to be my own and I invite all of you along with me to do it. Details soon but for those using EyeX you can now do so in P3D! Source link for more information!