Lionheart Trinidad TB21 GT Turbo Released! Wait!!

FSX/P3D. What?? Okay I need a minute here to get my thoughts together. Wasn't I just saying a few days ago that I wish Lionheart would have returned to their classic TB's for an upgrade? Of course I was writing a post on the upcoming TB20 variant from JustFlight and indeed theirs looks good and I really want it. But with the Pipstrel Pantera and Fokker F100 in development by Lionheart, I honestly never could have imagined he would throw us this obviously very sexy curve ball! So what has ole boy Bill Ortis delivered here?

Well for starters, this version includes 4K exterior resolution of 4096 x 4096 pixel fuselage textures with "super resolution polygon modelling" complete with flush side window plexiglass and retracting foot step pylons. Additionally, he has included a set of variants that feature very weathered, faded, bug spattered, muddied up versions that show their wear for their age.

The interior features 5 different versions from gray standard to Lite Tan to rich brown to rare blue suede and dirtied up gray and yes, you can mix and match to create your own interior. But that's not all! Wait till you see what's under the hood! This is truly a new model from the ground up and it's absolutely kick ass! See for yourself. Please excuse my excitement but I am getting mine right now! Source link for more information and to purchase. Thanks to Zachary Kerr as always! You made my day man!! Pressing purchase!!