CrazyCreatives Heads To Greece! Welcome To Leros!

FSX/P3D. Hey you remember CrazyCreatives don't you? It's the team behind that wonderfully lovely little Marble Canyon scenery over in Arizona. Now I for one was thinking this might be one of those one hit wonder developers but it seems these guys or guy are/is here to stay. And good thing too because the images in their next work is looking quite splendid. Quite an interesting choice heading to Leros from a back wood place like MarbleCanyon but then again, 29Palms went from backwood Twentynine Palms to Samos so hey, it's possible! I don't think we will be hearing any complaints with this destination. Indeed, lots of attention in Greece these days and that is very much a good thing. Thanks to ADX reader Rory Curran for the tipoff!