Let The Cards Fall Where They May...

Email currently being sent out from Toposim forwarded to us from ADX reader  Peter Ertman. Read carefully:

Announcing the Toposim Upgrade Policy . . .

As the first light of the dawn of the new age of 64-bit flight simulation start to glow on the horizon, we are pleased to announce our future upgrade policy. Until further notice, all Toposim Continents product-line orders that have been or currently placed through the Toposim Distribution Center are eligible for a FREE upgrade to the forthcoming 64-bit P3D and Dovetail Game Flight Simulator when they become available over the coming months. This is subject to change in the future but for now all customer orders for Toposim Continent products are grandfathered into the FREE upgrade.

This means that buying now makes perfect sense, as you’ll get the best of both worlds. You’ll be able to enjoy Toposim Continents terrain mesh now with your current P3D, FSX, or FSX-SE versions AND you’ll benefit from the free upgrade with no further expense once you move on to the new 64-bit simulator platforms when they become available.

The Toposim Continents product-line is brand new, completely re-engineered from the ground up using the best-available, most recent data sources, under constant review and refinement, very reasonably-priced, and come with a 20-year reputation for outstanding service and support, the best in the industry. So there is no reason to delay upgrading to the future of today. So there will never be a better time to replace your old, outdated, last-generation, dead-end products with the future, next-generation of terrain mesh.

Thanks for your continuing and future support!


End of email