Quick Note. [solved]

There are some bugs in the site we are currently working on like the missing NEXT link below the blog pages. We are working quickly to kill these bugs asap and during this process you may see some things go wonky during this time. Please bear with me things should be back to normal shortly...

Just a quick update we are still working to resolve the issues with the site. I understand many "trusted commentors" are also unable to sign in and comment without having to be moderated. Working on that too. For the mean time you can use the calendar on the sidebar to select a date and post beyond this page.  

Update: 99% of the issues have been solved unless there is something else I am unaware of. The NEXT button is back as well. Still working on the trusted commentors. You folks check your emails over the next few hours for reset's. Other than that, ADX is ramping back up in full swing including the livestreams and podcasts. Thanks for your patience during this downtime!  -D'