FranceVFR PACA Vol.1 Released! Hey Orbx, Look>>

FSX/P3D. As always, FranceVFR can't be bothered to introduce any of their works in any other language other than French which leads me to sometimes wonder if they really care about the wider audience. Nevertheless, perhaps in response to Orbx moving in on their territory in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur-Monaco region, FranceVFR has moved in to beat Orbx to the punchbowl and release the region first. Looking at screenshots between the two, they both look really good but as I recall there have been major compatibility issues between the two developers products and given the fact that nearly everyone uses Orbx these days perhaps it's better to go with the Orbx version? I'll say this, whereas most of PACA looks good, the Monaco segment completely sucks. Just a bunch of generic buildings and it hardly looks like Monaco at all. Even the old Aerosoft version looks more accurate. 

Hopefully, Maurizio will make his version of Monaco more custom realistic with accurate looking buildings which will give him that extra edge to beat out the competition. Well that and a multilingual support forum... FranceVFR PACA vol.1 now available!