ADX Podcast Concept: XPlane, FSC, & More...

[Podcast] This was originally going to be a vlog but with everything I am working on at the moment, I decided to just upload the audio version as I don't have time to go on editing yet another video. It's an hour long and maybe best listened to while in flight. Your feedback determines if I make this a regular thing. If so, it will be rolled out in a more professional style. 

In this episode I talk about my feelings on XPlane's presentation at FlightSimCon, it's relation to FSX/P3D and Dovetail as well as another appeal for FlightSimCon 2016. It's all in there. It's also free to download in for those on the go. There is a pause at the beginning. Again, just a concept.

Well so far response has been very positive so next episode comes in a few weeks!